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Hurricane R4118 on the Move


As many of our followers will know, R4118 suffered a crack to the port cylinder bank towards the end of August 2017.  Luckily, our engineering team spotted the “tell-tale” signs of a cracked block shortly before the aircraft was about to depart Old Warden for a flying display, preventing a potentially serious in-flight emergency developing.

With the aircraft subsequently grounded for repairs, we removed the engine from R4118 and uncovered a number of other issues that required rectification before the aircraft could be returned to flight.  Notably, the starboard cylinder bank also showed signs of cracking and, rather than repairing these components, a decision has been made to replace the two damaged banks with newly overhauled units.  This work is currently being undertaken by Maurice Hammond of Eye Tech Engineering.

In addition, it was discovered that the Rotol propeller hub fitted to the aircraft had sustained some damage and, once again, a decision has been made to manufacture a new hub to ensure that, once R4118 is returned to flight, she’s in pristine condition.  Whilst the engine and propeller are undergoing overhaul, we’ve also commissioned work to repair leaks in the coolant header tank and conduct repairs to the radiator and oil cooler.

Finally, Clive Denney and his team at Vintage Fabrics have almost completed replacing the Irish linen skins on all of the flying surfaces (see attached).  As expected, Clive has done a superb job and the work on these components should be completed by mid-February.

A New Home for R4118

Since the acquisition of R4118 by Hurricane Heritage in October 2015, the aircraft has been based at Old Warden within The Shuttleworth Collection.

Given the substantial amount of work required to rebuild the aircraft and return her to flight, we’ve decided to relocate her to Duxford where the team at The Aircraft Restoration Company (ARCo) have been appointed to conduct the rebuild.  ARCo  (under the leadership of John Romain) have a huge depth of experience with rebuilds of this type and, importantly, have enough resource to complete the rebuild work very quickly once overhauls to the various components have been completed.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both the teams at The Shuttleworth Collection, and Bygone Aviation, who have been great partners on our journey of Hurricane ownership over the last couple of years.  Even though R4118 will now be based at Duxford, I’ve no doubt she’ll be a regular feature of Shuttleworth displays in seasons to come.

The Move to Duxford

As you’ll see from the image accompanying this article, R4118 was loaded onto a truck this morning and moved by road from Old Warden to Duxford.  Once R4118 has been returned to flight, I expect her to be placed on public display within one of the Hangars at Duxford.

We’ll provide further updates as the restoration of R4118 continues, but we’re keen to progress this as quickly as possible, and expect her to be gracing the skies over England once again this summer.

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Hurricane Heritage Photography Day: 2018 Dates Just Released

After hugely successful photography days in 2016 and 2017, we’re delighted to announce two dates for the 2018 season: 20th June and 23rd August.

In association with our good friends at The Shuttleworth Collection, and renowned aviation photographer Darren Harbar, this is a fantastic opportunity to get really close to R4118, meet our crew and sit in this historic aeroplane.  What’s more, Darren will guide you through how to get the very best photos of R4118, and we’ve even got a re-enactor coming along to help you capture some dynamic “Battle of Britain” shots.

We’ve arranged a discount for “Friends of R4118” and tickets can be booked by clicking on the links below:

20th June

23rd August

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R4118 Suffers Cracked Cylinder Block: Repairs Underway

Over the weekend of 26th / 27th August, R4118 suffered a cracked cylinder block which has brought our flying season to a premature end this year.  Although disappointing for the whole team here at Hurricane Heritage, we’ve begun work on repairs and will take this opportunity to conduct other essential maintenance tasks before next season.


R4118 is a highly original aircraft and around 70% of the aeroplane you see today actually fought in the Battle of Britain, including her rare Merlin III.  These engines were distinct from later models in that their cylinder blocks (which incorporate a cooling water jacket) were engineered from a single piece of aluminium alloy.  This made them particularly susceptible to cracking and – excluding those engines damaged by enemy action – around 60% of all Merlin III blocks cracked during operational service, meaning that most engines didn’t meet their design life before requiring overhaul.

R4118 suffered exactly this problem after a short practice display on the 27th August, unfortunately grounding her just prior to her departure to Little Gransden Airshow.

Next Steps

The engineering team here at Hurricane Heritage is now very focussed on using the current period on the ground to address a number of maintenance jobs to ensure that, when R4118 takes to the skies again next year, she’s in the best-possible condition.  With this in mind, we’re now working on a couple of key areas:

  • Firstly, and most pressingly, we’re working on getting R4118’s Merlin III operational again.  This will either mean returning the welded block to the engine if the can achieve a sufficiently-high quality of repair that both we and the CAA are satisfied with; or sourcing new blocks to fit to the engine.
  • We’re going to take this opportunity to re-fabric all of R4118’s flying controls.  This will include the ailerons, fin, rudder, tailplane and elevators.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be removing all of these components from the aircraft and sending them for recovering.
  • We’ll also use this opportunity to conduct a full annual inspection on the aeroplane and rectify any other small issues we find along the way.

Once all of this work is done, we aim to rebuild R4118 around February 2018, ready for next year’s airshow season.

It goes without saying that, whilst disappointing to lose the engine mid-season, the most important thing for the team here at Hurricane Heritage is to ensure R4118’s safety and long-term viability as a unique airworthy survivor of the Battle of Britain.

If you’d like to support us in our efforts to continue the legacy of this wonderful aeroplane, please become a “Friend of R4118“.  A £25 annual contribution goes a long way to help us keen this unique Battle of Britain veteran airworthy.

Heartfelt thanks in advance from everyone here at Hurricane Heritage for your generosity!



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Pride of the Skies to Represent Hurricane Heritage

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership between Hurricane Heritage and aviation merchandise experts – “Pride of the Skies“.  The Pride of the Skies team specialise in providing high-quality, officially-licensed merchandise for a number of civilian and military display teams, including the BBMF and the Typhoon team, so we’re excited that Hurricane Heritage joins this illustrious group.

Pride of the Skies will have a merchandise stand at all of the major airshows this season, starting with The Shuttleworth Military Pageant on 2nd July, and Flying Legends on 8th / 9th July.

A proportion of every sale of Hurricane Heritage merchandise goes directly to support the maintenance of R4118, so please go along and visit the Pride of the Skies stand at an airshow this summer, or visit their website

Published on 28th June 2017 in News

Coming Soon! – “Hurricane R4118 Revisited” by Peter Vacher

We’re delighted to be amongst the first to announce that Peter Vacher has revised and updated his classic account of the discovery and restoration of our Hawker Hurricane Mk1 – R4118.

The book goes to press today and we’re looking forward to stocking it in our online shop very soon.  We’ll provide updates as soon as we have stock!

Published on 24th May 2017 in News

Harvard at White Waltham

While we await our “Permit to Fly” to be issued, our 1942 Harvard – FE511 – has been moved to White Waltham.  She’ll be based at this historic grass airfield through the early part of the Summer whilst we check-out some of our pilots on her, so drop in and say hello if you’re passing.

Special thanks to Stuart Scott who took this photo of FE511 whilst we were conducting engine runs last week.

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Fly Alongside – Battle of Britain Experience New Dates Released

Along with our friends at “Flying with Spitfires”, we’re delighted to announce additional availability for a unique “Battle of Britain” experience this summer.

Fly in a helicopter alongside history’s most famous pair of fighter aircraft: the iconic Spitfire and mighty Mk1 Hurricane, R4118, from a former Battle of Britain airfield.

Experience the majesty of the Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire in-flight, and witness a sequence of carefully choreographed manoeuvres performed by some of Britain’s most talented and experienced pilots.

Flying from Goodwood Aerodrome (formerly RAF Westhampnett) your route takes you past the site of famous Battle of Britain airfield RAF Tangmere before heading towards Selsey and Thorney Island, former home of RAF Coastal Command.

The flight lasts for about 20 minutes, of which approximately 15 minutes will be alongside the Spitfire and Hurricane.

Availability is limited, so click here to reserve your seat.

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Harvard Restoration Completed

On 14th March, our Harvard MkIIB made her first post-restoration flight from Gloucester back to her home airfield of Old Warden.

Delivered new to the Royal Canadian Air Force on 13th October 1942, FE511 served at No.6 Service Flying Training School at Dunnville, Ontario, for the duration of the war.  In 1947, she was sold to the Swedish air force and she remained in that country until 2015, when she was acquired by Hurricane Heritage.  The aircraft previously wore fictitious USAF markings, but has now been restored in the colours of a Harvard provided to the RAF under the wartime lend-lease agreement with the United States.

Having spent the last 5 months at RGV’s paint shop at Gloucester Staverton airport, FE511 was piloted back to Old Warden in the capable hands of John Dodd.  On landing, John said that she handled beautifully with only a few minor adjustments required.  Over the next few weeks FE511 will complete her flight-test programme before joining the Hurricane Heritage fleet to help prepare our pilots for the coming air show season.

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Harvard Restoration Nears Completion

After months of painstaking work by the teams at RGV and Ardent Paint Care in Gloucester, the restoration of our AT-16 Harvard MkIIB – FE511 – is approaching completion.

Delivered new to the RCAF on 13th October 1942, FE511 served at No.6 Service Flying Training School at Dunnville, Ontario, for the duration of the war.  In 1947, she was sold to the Swedish airforce, and she remained in that country until 2015 when she was acquired by Hurricane Heritage and flown to the UK for restoration.

We expect her to return to her permanent home at The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden, within the next few weeks.

Here, for the first time in over 70 years, she’ll once again be used as an advanced trainer to prepare pilots to fly Hawker Hurricanes.

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Fly Alongside Hurricane R4118

Event Date: 30th July 2017

Flying with Spitfires - Spitfire flights - RR232 Hurricane R4118 Countryside Cloud Hole

Experiencing R4118 from the ground is one thing, but absolutely nothing beats flying alongside her and seeing this Battle of Britain veteran in her element.

For the 2017 season, we’re delighted to have teamed up with the “Flying With Spitfires” team to offer customers the chance to fly alongside both R4118, as well as their MkIX Spitfire: RR232

We’ll be adding various dates throughout the year, but the first of these will take place on 30th July.  Places are limited though, so book your seat here.

Flying with Spitfires - Spitfire flights - RR232 Hurricane R4118 Closeup Formation 3

Flying with Spitfires - Spitfire flights - RR232 Hurricane R4118 Chasing Hurricane Break

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R4118 is now on public display at Old Warden, Bedfordshire as part of the historical Shuttleworth Collection of vintage aircraft, cars and motorcycles.

For more information, opening times and ticket booking please visit the Shuttleworth website.

Visit R4118