About Us


At Hurricane Heritage, we’re passionate about preserving the legacy of these magnificent aircraft by providing unique opportunities to fly in, or alongside them.

In our view, there’s no better way to honour the memory of the Hurricane, and the pilots who flew them, than making the aircraft as accessible as possible to the public.  For this reason, you’ll often see our fleet at airfields across the UK during the summer months, as well as being active participants on the airshow circuit.

Of course, the best way to truly appreciate the Hurricane is to actually fly one.  We’re honoured to be the custodians of the only 2-seat Hurricane anywhere in the world.  And, of course, we also have the privilege of owning R4118 – a genuine Battle of Britain Hurricane, and one of the most original British fighters still in existence from WWII.



The whole team at Hurricane Heritage is passionate about our aircraft.  All of us are absolutely dedicated to keeping them in pristine flying condition.

We’re also very proud to partner with our friends at The Aircraft Restoration Company (ARCo) who provide world-class engineering and maintenance for our fleet of historic warbirds.

Keeping our  warbirds flying is neither easy nor inexpensive.  But for us, the reward of seeing, flying and experiencing up close such remarkable pieces of history is immeasurable.

We hope that you enjoy our remarkable aircraft as much as we do.


Hurricane Heritage runs flight operations from the beautiful and historic White Waltham Airfield.

The airfield has a long and illustrious history, dating back to 1935 when the de Havilland family acquired the land and formed the de Havilland School of Flying. Home to the Air Transport Auxiliary during the war, it's now a friendly and active aerodrome with great facilities.