Hurricane Heritage offers flight experiences in the world’s only two seat Hurricane, and our Mk2B Harvard.  A range of flights is available, starting with a 20-minute Harvard experience, all the way up to 65-minutes in the 2-seat Hurricane – the typical length of a sortie in WWII.

Flights depart from our home base: the historic White Waltham Airfield which is situated just west of London.  The airfield benefits from superb transport links and ample parking.  It also provides amazing viewing areas with outside seating and a welcoming clubhouse with bar and restaurant, so your guests can enjoy the day as well.

On arrival, you’ll be given a detailed pre-flight safety briefing, and equipped with a fitted flight suit, helmet and gloves. You’ll then join one of our experienced warbird pilots at the aircraft, where a member of our ground crew team will assist in securely strapping you into the aircraft’s rear seat.  There will then be plenty of time to become familiar with the cockpit and safety procedures, before setting off on an adventure of a lifetime.

At our pilot’s discretion, you will be given the opportunity to experience a number of aerobatic manoeuvres, explore the surrounding historic landscape and even take control of the aircraft yourself if you wish.

Please note that the airborne time is approximately 6-10 minutes less than the given experience length. 

30-Minute Hurricane Experience: £2,875

Strap into the world’s only two-seat Hurricane and experience the sensory onslaught of the legendary Rolls-Royce Merlin start. You’ll then taxi out for your pre-flight checks before lining up on the runway where the 1,300hp Merlin engine launches you for your experience. Once airborne you’ll get to enjoy the sight of the Hurricane’s wings passing over the beautiful countryside around our home base of White Waltham. Subject to operational considerations you’ll be given the opportunity to undertake some aerobatics if you wish and experience the incredible manoeuvrability that has given the Hurricane its reputation.


40-Minute Hurricane Experience: £3,325

The 40-minute experience follows the same format as the 30-minute Hurricane flight, however the extra time will give you the opportunity to try your hand at flying this Battle of Britain icon. It also allows you to fly further afield and see a number of WW2 landmarks.


65-Minute Hurricane Experience: £5,850

After your pre-flight briefing you’ll fly the world’s only two-seat Hurricane from our home base at White Waltham Airfield and set course for the South Coast – as a Hurricane Squadron would have done all those years ago on a scramble!

You’ll then fly out to the Isle of Wight and around The Needles where you’ll get some magical views looking out across the Hurricane’s wings. Subject to operational considerations, there will be ample time to experience aerobatics if you wish, and to try your hand at flying this incredible aircraft.



Immerse yourself in the moment as you look out over the wing of your Hurricane, flying over the beautiful English countryside.  Suddenly you spot the familiar enemy markings and intercept our tail-chase aircraft.  You will engage in a simulated dogfight with our “Taifun” and, once triumphant will see the smoke trail signalling your victory!

This add-on experience can be purchased with any other flight.  Please contact to check available dates.


20-Minute Harvard Experience: £385

A perfect introduction to warbird flying, this package covers a 20-minute warbird flying experience in our Harvard training aircraft.

You will receive a full pre-flight briefing and there will be plenty of opportunities to take photos. Your guests are welcome to join you for your day at the West London Aero Club and may make full use of the facilities, including the clubhouse and bar/restaurant.


30-Minute Harvard Experience: £499

For those guests wanting to more fully immerse themselves in the warbird experience, the 30-minute option is perfect.  The extra time airborne in our beautiful Harvard allows you to more fully explore the incredible capabilities of this advanced training aircraft from WWII.

You will receive a full pre-flight briefing and there will be plenty of opportunities to take photos. Your guests are welcome to join you for your day at the West London Aero Club and may make full use of the facilities, including the clubhouse and bar/restaurant.


40-Minute Harvard Experience: £665

Our premium Harvard experience, the 40-minute package is perfect for guests who have a passion for warbirds.  More time in the air means more time to explore the flight envelope of this aircraft, know to many as the “pilot maker”.  You’ll also be able to fly further afield and see more of the beautiful countryside around our home base of White Waltham Airfield.

You will receive a full pre-flight briefing and there will be plenty of opportunities to take photos. Your guests are welcome to join you for your day at the West London Aero Club and may make full use of the facilities, including the clubhouse and bar/restaurant.


Fly-Alongside Hurricane R4118 in our Iconic Harvard: £1,500

Take off into the nostalgic world of the 1940s with this incredible day.  Your thrilling experience will see you fly in the beautiful Harvard 2B from our base at the historic wartime airfield of White Waltham.

Once airborne you’ll be joined by Hawker Hurricane R4118, the only surviving Hurricane to have taken part in The Battle of Britain, and one of the most original British fighters from WWII still in airworthy condition today.

If you love aircraft or the history of the Second World War, you will without doubt be in heaven for the day. The pre-flight briefing will take place in the historic clubhouse at White Waltham Airfield by one of our extremely experienced pilots.  You and your guests will then be taken out to the aircraft and shown around the 600 horse-power Harvard, before settling you into the cockpit and strapping you in.

During your flight you will get the chance to take control of our graceful warbird. However, you will soon realise you are not alone in the sky and the incredible roar of the Rolls Royce Merlin will have you searching to see where the Hurricane is. Nothing quite prepares you for the experience of flying in formation with this historic aircraft. You will have plenty of opportunities to take photos if you choose. The flight can also be recorded so you can relive the experience and share with friends.

​You will be able to pick your day from a variety of dates spread through the summer months.



Although we provide suggested flight times for customers, our team would be delighted to design a bespoke experience for you.  We can tailor flights to an agreed budget and are happy to consider ideas if you have something in mind that you haven’t seen on our website.  Flight times and prices less than those advertised are not available.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements – we aim to exceed your expectations!


Harvard Conversion Training

We offer a range of bespoke training packages designed to enable current pilots to make the transition to warbird flying in this iconic aircraft.

If you currently hold a pilot’s licence and have always wanted to learn to fly aircraft of WWII, there’s no better route than learning to fly a Harvard.  It’s exactly the same path that tens of thousands of allied pilots took during the war years.

Our experienced warbird pilots are on hand to guide you through the training process in the most efficient way possible.



  • An in-depth pre-flight briefing covering the aircraft, equipment and safety procedures.
  • The loan of flight suit, gloves and flying helmet (headset) for your flight.
  • Access to our viewing area throughout your time with us, with a fantastic view across the airfield.
  • Aerobatics and the option to take control of the aircraft yourself (subject to operational considerations).
  • The option to purchase video footage taken in-flight during your experience.
  • Signed flight certificate and the opportunity to take photographs by the Hurricane you just flew.
  • Options to extend your flight for an additional charge.
  • Up to 4 guests are welcome to join you on the day.


  • The minimum age for a passenger is 18 years old, and we may require you to provide suitable proof of age.
  • Your general health should be reasonable enough to take a commercial flight or to have a flight experience in a light aircraft. With regard to physical health, our guests are required to enter and exit the aircraft unassisted.
  • The maximum weight for any passenger is 100 Kg /220 pounds, and you will be weighed on the day of the flight. No passenger can be taller than 188cm / 6’2”. We would recommend however, that if you are just below or on the maximum height or weight that you get in touch with us prior to booking, as an individual’s physicality can differ and each aircraft can vary in terms of space available.
  • No Passenger will be allowed to fly if his/her dimensions do not allow unrestricted movement of the control column of the aircraft.


Hurricane Heritage runs flight operations from the beautiful and historic White Waltham Airfield.

The airfield has a long and illustrious history, dating back to 1935 when the de Havilland family acquired the land and formed the de Havilland School of Flying. Home to the Air Transport Auxiliary during the war, it's now a friendly and active aerodrome with great facilities.