Terms & Conditions

Flight Bookings

The full price for any flight must be paid at the time of booking. Deposits and part payments are not taken, and until a flight is confirmed in writing, the flight slot may be offered to another interested party. Each flight will be tailored to suit the recipient. If you have any preference for flight content including specific locations you should relay this information before the flight. The pilot will endeavour to achieve your requests and will discuss these with you in the pre-flight brief. Safety and airspace restrictions may preclude certain routes, and any aerobatics if requested, are undertaken at the sole discretion of the pilot on the day.


We may refuse to allow you to undertake a flight if for any reason we feel you may be unsuitable. This includes being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Further, we reserve the right to terminate any flight early, if safety of any of our team or that of the aircraft is compromised. This includes taking any non-permitted personal items into the aircraft. Under such circumstances, no refund will be given.

Age, Medical and Physical Restrictions

The minimum age is 18 years, but there is no maximum age limit! Height restriction is 188cm / 6’2” – please advise if you are close to this. The maximum weight for any passenger is 100kg / 220lbs.

You must not undertake the flight if:

– you are suffering from (now or previously) any serious medical condition (including epilepsy, fits, a severe head injury, unexplained loss of consciousness, uncontrolled high blood pressure or heart condition);

– you have recently undergone surgery (unless you provide a written certificate / letter of your fitness to fly from your doctor);

– you are on prescription medication which may affect your fitness to fly.

We are not qualified to express a medical opinion on your fitness to fly. Please consult a doctor if pregnant, suffering from a cold or sinus infection and any condition affecting your breathing or consciousness. If you are not feeling completely well on the day, you must not undertake the flight and contact our office as soon as possible. You are responsible for advising us of any health conditions that may affect your safety or that of the pilot, the wider team and the aircraft. In general, you must be healthy and agile enough to climb into the aircraft and safely experience the physical dynamic nature of the flight.

If you suffer from, or have a history of any the following conditions or any of the following applies to you, you must, at your own cost, discuss with your doctor the possibility of undertaking the flight and obtain written confirmation of your fitness to fly.

 • Diabetes treated with potentially hypoglycaemic medication

 • Implanted cardiac device

 • Heart failure 

• Cardiac valve replacement 

• Chronic lung disease 

• Pneumothorax

• Recurrent fainting 

• Epilepsy

• Cerebral disorder 

• Alcohol / substance misuse 

• Use of antidepressant medication 

• Physical disability (if relevant to your ability to undertake the flight) 

• Any transplant 

• Malignant disease 

• Take medication likely to cause drowsiness or incapacitation 

• Sleep disorder 

• Endocrine disorder 

• Major surgery 

Safety Standards Acknowledgement and Consent – SSAC 

Before undertaking a flight, you must understand the risks associated with flying in a vintage warbird aircraft. This information will be presented to you as a risk information document in the pre-flight safety briefing. By agreeing to be a passenger on a flight, you accept the existence of an element of personal risk and that participating in a flight may result in serious injury or death. On the day, if at any time before the aircraft engine starts, you decide that the level of risk is unacceptable, you may choose to cancel the flight. 

You will receive a full refund minus any banking fees to process the refund transaction. 

Full participation in the briefing and viewing of any safety presentation is mandatory prior to your flight. You will also be required to sign a SSAC form and provide next of kin contact details. You must have the mental capacity to remember some straightforward emergency procedures, and a degree of physical strength to execute them. By signing these documents, you are declaring your fitness to fly and that, to your knowledge, you have disclosed any and all disabilities or health problems that might affect your safety during the flight. 

You must comply with all instructions given to you by our staff. These may be in the documentation, briefings given to you before the flight, or verbally at any time during the day of the flight. We are not liable for any personal injury or loss sustained due to failure to comply with the instructions given. You will be given suitable personal protective equipment before your flight, which you must wear as instructed. You will need to provide your own footwear, which should be sturdy and offer some ankle support (leather soled shoes or open toed shoes are not suitable).


Flights are available on selected dates from April until the end of October. This information can be viewed online or obtained by contacting hello@hurricaneheritage.com 

We reserve the right to reschedule a flight and no guarantee can be given, even once a flight booking has been confirmed. We may cancel a flight at any time before take-off because of changing weather conditions, operational circumstances (including pilot availability) or aircraft serviceability. If a flight cannot be operated as booked, we are not liable for any travel or accommodation expenses you have incurred. We will offer an alternative date at your convenience. If due to unforeseen circumstances you are late or unable to arrive on the day of your flight, please notify the operations team at the earliest opportunity. An attempt will be made to accommodate your flight later that day if possible. If you do not make contact, you will be considered a “no show” and your flight will be forfeited. 


Cameras, phones or any loose articles are not permitted on board the aircraft. However, each flight is recorded using an internally mounted GoPro camera. Footage will be checked and made available to purchase on the day, post-flight. This will be kept for one month, then deleted. On occasion the cameras may fail to record or shut down with no in-flight footage captured. We cannot offer any compensation should this occur. You will have plenty of time, following the flight to take photographs of the aircraft on the ground with your own equipment. 


You may cancel a flight at any time, prior to the date of the flight. Any cancellations will be subject to a £50 administration fee, plus any banking fees incurred to process the transactions. If a flight is postponed by us* due to operational reasons we will offer an alternative date. If you do not wish to reschedule, you may transfer the flight to another eligible person. *If after three failed attempts to fly, you wish to cancel your flight you will not be subject to the £50 administration charge. You will receive a full refund minus any banking fees to process the refund transaction. 


Hurricane Heritage runs flight operations from the beautiful and historic White Waltham Airfield.

The airfield has a long and illustrious history, dating back to 1935 when the de Havilland family acquired the land and formed the de Havilland School of Flying. Home to the Air Transport Auxiliary during the war, it's now a friendly and active aerodrome with great facilities.