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Harvard Progress

Over the last few weeks, our Harvard has undergone a complete strip-down and is now in the process of being repainted to represent an aircraft provided to the RAF in the early years of the war under the lend-lease scheme.

Once finished, she’ll display her original RAF registration – FE511 – and we hope to offer flights to members of the public later in the year.


The work is being undertaken by RGV at Gloucester and we expect her to be fully rebuilt and back in the air sometime in February.

In the meantime, James Brown (the boss of Hurricane Heritage) has been working hard to complete his check-out on the aeroplane.  Having spent a week at Stallion 51 in Florida, James was signed off on their T-6G and is ready to get flying in our Harvard as soon as her repaint is finished.


Published on 25th January 2017 in News


Hurricane Heritage runs flight operations from the beautiful and historic White Waltham Airfield.

The airfield has a long and illustrious history, dating back to 1935 when the de Havilland family acquired the land and formed the de Havilland School of Flying. Home to the Air Transport Auxiliary during the war, it's now a friendly and active aerodrome with great facilities.