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Purchasing R4118 was an easy decision: it is simply a beautiful plane with a fascinating and important history. But with ownership comes responsibility – and it is our mission to ensure that the legacy of R4118 lives on.

We cannot praise Peter Vacher more highly: not only for bringing R4118 home, but for his dedication and meticulous attention to detail during the restoration of this very important piece of British heritage. We aim to take up his mantel and continue to preserve and of course fly Hawker Hurricane Mk1 R4118 – and tell its incredible story for generations to come.



Most members of the team at Hurricane Heritage have been involved with the aircraft for many years. All are absolutely dedicated to keeping it in pristine flying condition.

Visit R4118 at the Shuttleworth Collection and you are more than likely to see some of our engineers, pilots and ground crew at work – checking, cleaning, testing or even flying the plane. Strike up a conversation and you will find that every one of us is absolutely passionate about Hurricanes in general and R4118 in particular.

Keeping an aircraft such as R4118 flying is neither easy nor inexpensive. But for us, the reward of seeing, touching and experiencing up close such a remarkable piece of history is immeasurable. We hope that when you see R4118 at future air displays and events, it gives you as much pleasure as it gives us.


In late 2015 Hurricane Heritage purchased a 1947 Harvard as a training aircraft for our Hurricane pilots. Like R4118, our Harvard is now housed at Old Warden, Bedfordshire and can be viewed as part of the Shuttleworth Collection.

Over the next few months we will be restoring the plane to an original wartime paint scheme and flying it alongside R4118, with the long-term aim of offering passenger flights so that Hurricane fans can experience R4118 from the skies.

Find out more about the Hurricane Heritage Harvard here.

Hurricane Heritage's 1947 Harvard training plane in the hangar at Old Warden, Bedfordshire


R4118 is now on public display at Old Warden, Bedfordshire as part of the historical Shuttleworth Collection of vintage aircraft, cars and motorcycles.

For more information, opening times and ticket booking please visit the Shuttleworth website.

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